Elevators at the Building:

  • Over the course of three (3) years (2007 - 2009), the building’s 12 passenger elevators and freight car were modernized.
  • Upgrades included a microprocessor system with solid state drives, ADA upgrades, code and life safety improvements, and cab refurbishment.
  • This destination-based software technology provides optimal traffic management as well as utilization of the elevator system.
  • Energy and heat loads were reduced by more than 30% while achieving improved efficiencies, safety, and ease of maintenance.

One State Street is equipped with thirteen (13) elevators, as follows:

  • 2' low-rise shuttles service Levels B through 4 and the Parking Garage.
  • 4' low-rise elevators service Levels 3, and 5 through 13.
  • 4' high-rise elevators service Levels 3, 5, and 14 through 20.
  • 2' high-rise shuttles service Levels 20 through 24.
  • One (1) Service Elevator which services Levels G through 24. This elevator is for the transportation of freight only and should not be used for routine travel.

Passenger elevators are for transporting people only. Freight should be carried on the service elevator. Elevator emergency calls are monitored 24-hours a day by security personnel. Should you get trapped in an elevator, press the emergency button; a call is then placed directly to our elevator contractor who will dispatch a repair technician and notify building security. Building security will then call the elevator cab directly with additional instructions.


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